When we are speaking of Sage for the purpose of smudging we are talking about Californian White Sage.

This potent herb has been used for many hundreds of years by Native American peoples as a ceremonial tool in cleansing and healing rituals and is  considered sacred by these same people.

Smudging Sage is the burning of this sacred herb in any particular environment you wish to cleanse, clear or heal. The burning of Sage releases the smoke into the environment; usually a room, house, office or an outdoor space where a ritual, healing or meditation is to take place. The purpose of the smoke is to carry any negative or stale energies away from that space, leaving the area clear, clean and free from these energies. The smoke from burning sage can also be used to carry prayers, thoughts and requests to a higher power, similar to the burning of incense in a Church environment.

Smudging today is used in a wide range of places and spaces, some examples would include use by therapists to clear a room, before and after each therapy is carried out, in order to release the old energy and make space for the new. Many people choose to smudge their homes when they move house, or when there has been an argument in the house, or when someone enters the house and leaves ‘bad vibes’ behind, or regularly as a good practice to remove and renew the energy within any given space before and after carrying out a ritual.


Sage can be bought in small or large bunches, the smaller bunches are useful because they can be lit directly using a lighter for about 20/30 seconds, allowing the bunch to catch fire, then when blown out will release plenty of smoke to carry out the required clearing. Use a shell, ashtray or plate to capture the falling ash.

When using the larger bundles you can break pieces off the bundle and gather them together in an ashtray, plate or similar receptacle, we find that it is best to use an abalone shell, which has natural holes to allow the sage to continue to smoulder longer, light the bundle then blow it out, taking care not blow the bundle away. Relight as required.

Once you’re smoking, walk round the area you intend to clear in a clockwise direction, ensuring you get into the corners, it is best to start in the northeast corner of the area you intend to clear, whilst walking around you can keep the intention of what you want to achieve in your head, you can call out any energies you wish to remove, you can ask your Guardian Angel or Archangel Michael to assist and protect you during the process. Once you are happy that enough smoke has circulated the area, (let it circulate for up to 10 minutes), then open the windows and doors and let the smoke out, taking any stale energy or entities with it, leaving a clearer, cleaner and lighter space than when you started.

You can also use sage to clear your, or any other persons or animals’ energy bystarting at the head or feet,  and circulating the smouldering sage around your body in a clockwise direction.


As an alternative to burning sage, you can use sage essential oil and either burn it, or dilute in water and spray the areas you wish to clear. Other alternatives to burning sage include burning Palo Santo wooden sticks, burning incense resin or incense sticks.

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